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Website Design


Your website is the first impression on your customers – you want to make sure you’re sending the right message about your product or service.

SEO Royals team of designers will help you design a gorgeous, custom, functional website that does what it’s supposed to do, with all the SEO features in place.

Improved Visibility

Our company employs talented designers with plenty practical experience and know-how to build you a beautiful website and enhance your online visibility and inevitably, your sales.

Higher ROI

Our designs solve business problems. We work closely with our customers to deliver solutions that increase customer retention, increase sales and profitability.


Enter any webpage or website URL and see how well optimized it is for Google

Fully Detailed Builds

Our team at SEO Royals will build you a website with the highest quality standards in today’s development industry, which makes it vital for us to stay current with new trends and technologies.

Comprehensive CMS Design

With a better understanding of your business goals and design preferences, we will employ the right CMS with the usability and SEO fundamentals that will make your online presence successful.

Tailored Creative Solutions

Our talented developers have in-depth knowledge of the different components that are required, giving us an edge over the competition. Be sure there is no project we can’t handle successfully.

Our Services

Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation, we will help you choose the style and layout that best suit your business model and goals. To aid you in taking a decision, we offer a portfolio of sites for you to choose from to determine your style and preference. After you tell us what styles, layouts and examples you like, we have a follow up consult to understand your business goals. We create the functionality of the website based on what drives you forward (i.e. sales, leads, phone calls, pageviews, etc).

Designing Mockups

The second phase after our initial consultation is to start designing. We will present a proposed layout and design of your website. You will receive a series of PDF image files that display how your website will look when it goes live on the web. At all stages of design, rest assured that you have absolute control over the creativity and direction of the project.

Laying Perfect Code to the Designs

After deciding on the look and feel of the website, it is time to get technical. Our web development team will write the code necessary to get your website up and running. Throughout the entire coding and design process, you will have the option to evaluate the work and provide feedback on the progress of the project. We will ensure that your site is customized exactly the way you want, not only in design but also in layout and function.

Testing and Deploying the Finished Product

Would you buy a car without driving it first? Our guess is probably not. The same logic applies for websites. We do not launch a website without at least taking it for a ‘test drive’. After the code is live, we run through every single feature of the website on our staging domain several times so that we can inspect it for errors, bugs or complications. Once we confirm that all facets of the website are functioning properly, we set up your Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools and synchronize them with any necessary CRM tools.

The final step is to migrate all the files to your final URL. At this point, your website is live and ready to generate income and business leads.

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