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Pay Per Click


Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most time-effective channel to drive instant targeted traffic to your business. While SEO is incredibly powerful, it takes time to get rolling.

With a paid search campaign, we can drive leads and sales within a matter of days, if combined with SEO, we can achieve double visibility which is priceless.

Full Audit and Strategy

With getting to know your business, industry and competitors, we will build out a custom strategy that shows exactly how we’re going to meet your goals.

Custom Landing Page

We build a series of custom landing pages where we A/B test headlines, call to actions, form placements, and more to find a winning page that drives the most returns.


Enter any webpage or website URL and see how well optimized it is for Google

Drive Immediate Revenue

PPC is the most powerful channel for driving the quickest ROI. Depending on your business, we can leverage different avenues to put your brand in front of new audiences and hit your KPI’s.

Reach The Right Audience

We will employ the right technology that will enable your brand to target exact audiences with the right messaging and we will validate the reach and effectiveness of the campaign closely to hit our KPIs.

Obtain Your Online Goals

After establishing whether you are looking for sales, leads, page views or brand visbility, the various paid media channels are highly data-driven and often the quickest way for you to reach your online goals.

Our Services

In-Depth Discovery

SEO Royals PPC experts will work with your team to understand your business model, overall marketing efforts, and then work on an in-depth audit of your website & current Paid Media accounts (if applicable).

Competitor Analysis

We will run a full analysis on your competition & top ranking sites in your niche. Using our enterprise tools, we’re able to gather insights from their successes and failures. Factoring these insights into your strategy, we create a data-driven plan that gives your business an online competitive advantage over your competition.

Keywords We Target Focus On Intent

There’s a huge difference of intent between a search for “Toronto injury lawyer” and “hire a Toronto injury lawyer”. We perform an advanced and detailed keyword research phase to uncover the keywords which drive purchase intent.

Track Calls, Goals, Events and Conversions

A fully optimized Analytics account is critical to a successful paid search campaign. We will set up custom goals and link them back to your AdWords account. That will allow us to follow the flow of traffic from impressions, to clicks (or call), to conversions. As a result, we can measure your customer acquisition cost and return on investment.

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