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How Long Will my Site Take to Rank on Google?

There isn’t a single thing in existence with more control over one industry the way that the Google search box does. Webmasters, SEO’s, companies, marketers, and CEO’s spend countless hours and dollars trying to show up on the results.

Without the approval of this almighty deity of the online world you won’t get very far. This web giant owns nearly 70% of all web traffic, so if you want a piece of the billion dollar pie, you’ve got to pay the piper. Success isn’t over night. It’s one part art, one part science, and whole lot of parts that most don’t know about. Let’s try to answer the question “how long does it take to rank on Google” to the best of our abilities.

First, what does Google look for when ranking?

Good question. While what it is that the great Google wants will never exactly be known, many great brains have spent a lot of time on figuring its desires out. Some of the major factors for ranking are:

  • Content- content is king in the online marketing world. It is what drives SEO. Well-written, original, and engaging content is crucial for success. Without it, you won’t get anywhere.
  • SEO- There are a ton of factors that go into ranking on an engine. This is basically how visible you are to Google. Your keywords, titles, headings, and ALT texts plus a whole lot more go here.
  • Domain age- With more and more search engines trying to emulate real life interaction, trust is becoming more and more important. This means that if your domain is relatively new, then Google will penalize it because it doesn’t seem as trustworthy or experienced.
  • Keywords- These words are extremely important and that means that everyone is out to get them. If the words that you’ve chosen are highly competitive, then chances are you are going to be fighting an uphill battle. Trying to build trust and clout for a word that other, more established companies rank for is going to be very difficult. We suggest starting with easier words and working up.

These are just a few of the ranking methods that Google uses. It is about finding the right mix. Concentrating solely on one won’t work.

How does Google find me?

The complex process that the engine uses to find you would take an entire book to truly understand, but we can at least give you an abridged version here. Basically, what happens is that Google indexes all of the pages on your website by using Googlebots, what we call spiders. They crawl all over your site and index your pages. So what happens when you search is that you are actually searching the vast library of Google and not the whole web. The algorithm uses a complex set of over 250 factors with different weights and measures. The result is given in less than a second somehow. Don’t ask us how they do that.

OK, so how long does it take me to see results?

Good question. As with most things, SEO takes time. It certainly won’t happen overnight. Depending on the severity of competition and the other factors taken into account, the average time before you see yourself high up in the rankings is three to six months. Of course this can vary depending on numerous different aspects of your SEO campaign including the quality of your SEO provider so make sure you get the right one.

SEO is absolutely necessary if you want to get to the top of the organic search rankings. With the billions of searches made daily, being up there translates to big dollar figures. These things take time, though. You can’t expect an immediate front page appearance. Just remember that if you keep at it with the right SEO, it’ll pay off. How long exactly does it take to rank on Google is a tough question to answer, but just know that it’s possible!


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