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10 Things to Look for in an SEO Company

The internet has brought businesses unprecedented opportunities to grow and earn profit. This has come with its own unique set of challenges, though. Since the ease of doing business has increased so drastically, that means that there is more competition than ever before.

In order to stand out from the masses, you are going to need a professional that is dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of how enigmatic search engines work. Since over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it is crucial that you know the 10 things to look for in an SEO specialist. You can have the nicest website, the best services, and friendliest prices, but if people don’t know that you’re there, you won’t get customers.


Nothing quite compares to the working knowledge that an employee gains in the field. After all, there is only so much that you can learn from a book. Since each company is going to have a unique set of factors to go along with its SEO needs, an experienced specialist will know exactly what to do. There are so many minute details to go in to a successful SEO strategy, someone that’s been doing it for years will know how to do it all.

A holistic approach

Being in good shape isn’t simply about eating well. It’s about eating well, exercising, and having a good state of mind. This holistic approach to health translates directly to SEO. There are several levels to the art, and unless you have someone who understand all three, you won’t succeed. You need someone who understands:

  • The Technical Aspects the things that go on behind the scenes of your site, such as how well crawlers can read and index your page
  • On-page in-depth understanding of keywords, URLs, tags, titles and the other things that make a page rank for certain words.
  • Off-page this could be anything that goes on off your page that drives people to you.

Without all three together, you won’t get very far in this dog-eat-dog world.

A proven track record

You want someone who’s been there before. Someone who’s done it all. It’s easy to say that you know how to do it, especially when you’ve got the internet right in front of you to help you out. But what about when you are deep in the trenches and need a solution on the fly? A great specialist will know how to do it all because they’ve been there and done it before.

Well-rounded knowledge

The more we begin to delve deep into understanding a certain subject, the more we realize just how much everything is like everything else and that it is all interconnected. Knowledge about a wide range of topics is necessary for not only being a contributing member of society and fun to talk to when out for drinks, it also helps when it comes to SEO. Understanding social media, psychology, marketing, history, mathematics, and even philosophy and logic will go a long way in helping people think on their feet. A little perspective never hurts, either.

Big-picture thinking

SEO is great for driving traffic to your website. It is what you rely on for bringing people in. But what’s the point? Why get your name out there? Having someone who understand the big picture really comes in handy here. They need to know that you are trying to build a brand, drive traffic, make sales, open up new locations, become an expert in a field, etc. You want someone that can keep their eyes on the prize.

A personality that fits

They say that opposites attract. Well whoever “they” are has never happened to work with someone that thinks the complete opposite way of them. Getting someone who fits into your company culture is almost as important as getting someone who is knowledgeable and qualified. The SEO specialist in your company is going to have to work with different departments and different personalities, as well as with customers. Make sure they are the right fit mentally.

The ability to communicate

In a world full of saturated buzz terms, excellent communicator is one of them. Thing is, someone who is actually good at it is extremely valuable. Thoughts are difficult. Putting them into words is even harder. Having someone who is articulate goes a long way. Nobody ever exists in a bubble. The SEO is going to have to work with people from around the company to solve problems. This means you need someone who can express the issue and help deliver a solution succinctly.

A go-getter

There are people who let things come to them, wait for orders, and do only what they are told. With SEO, you need someone who is a go-getter. You need someone who doesn’t wait around and takes things into their own hands. They should want to get things done right, do the research themselves, and try to solve problems without being told. That is worth its weight in gold.


The internet is a deep, wild, and fascinating place full of wondrous things that we can’t begin to dream of. OK, fine that’s a little dramatic, but it’s truer than you think. Someone who is constantly curious about things, trying to figure them out, and learning about new things in the industry is a great asset. They should always keep up on news, learn about new tactics, and try to further understand the engine algorithms.

Hiring an SEO is absolutely essential if you rely on the internet for business. It is the only proven way to drive traffic and sales. With studies showing a 40% increase in revenue from SEO tactics coupled with the fact that 75% of people never go past the first page, you can see why. That doesn’t mean you should just hire anyone, though. These are the ten things you should look for in an SEO specialist. Make sure you get the right one.


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